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Business & Teams

  • Wealth
  • Leadership Style
  • Job
  • Creativity Style
  • Skills
  • Personal Negativity
  • General Adult
  • The NBI® Wealth Profile identifies the thinking preferences of the individual. Gaining insight into the way we prefer to think, make us more aware of and sensitive to the preferences of others.

    Developing better relationships, making more dynamic contributions as an individual or as a member of a team and making sound and relevant decisions are but a few of the advantages of understanding your own thinking profile. The premise of this particular NBI® Instrument is to determine the thinking profile of an individual when he or she has to make investment decisions.

  • The NBI® Leadership Style instrument provides insight into your leadership style and issues that are important to you (but may not be to your staff or colleagues), as well as identifying where there may be gaps in your leadership approaches.

    Developing a more meaningful leadership style, and making more dynamic contributions and decisions in the company, are but a few of the advantages of understanding your leadership style. Improving relationships and the creation of a positive work environment result from the leader who leads with his/her whole brain.

  • The NBI® Job instrument is a descriptive, non-judgmental assessment that identifies the skills needed in every quadrant in order to succeed at a particular job. The profile report focuses the specific quadrant scores, and makes recommendations based on these scores.

    This instrument which identifies the brain of the job replaces the old-fashioned job descriptions – you get an exact description of the skills and attitudes necessary to excel in the different kinds of jobs functioning within the organisation. This instrument can therefore be used to design the job profiles of every existing and future jobs in the company – and an understanding of the type of people who should fill those jobs.

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  • The NBI® Creativity Style instrument provides insight into the way in which you are creative. Every human being is born with creativity at a superior level, but unfortunately the majority of us lose some of our creativity along the way.

    This instrument identifies the type of creativity you prefer and apply. Since the focus of this NBI® instrument is on thinking preferences, the end result is not good or bad, right or wrong. The NBI® Creativity Style instrument provides a profile report which is a descriptive, objective analysis of an individual’s thinking preferences – no profile is better or worse than another. Instead, the report gives you a description of your thought preferences.

  • The NBI® Skills instrument identifies an individual’s personal skills. You may have acquired skills in a particular area that are not really indicative of your brain preferences. Alternatively, you may have a very strong preference in one area, but have never had the opportunity to develop the necessary skills in that area.

    It could happen that your skills profile differs from your preference profile. The most common reason for this is that preferring (‘liking’) something does not automatically mean you have the skills to execute or implement the preference.

    Sometimes the opposite is true. A person may have excellent skills for accounting, but have little or no preference for doing the work of an accountant. It would be very difficult to sustain passion and energy if the correlation between the preference profile and skills profile is low.

  • The NBI® Personal Negativity instrument will give you greater insight into your negative thinking. It identifies the processes most likely to cause your negativity and block your happiness and success. Once you (and the organisation) have identified the essence of the negativity the right solutions become very possible.

    Your NBI® General Adult profile (measuring your thinking preferences) and your NBI® Personal Negativity profile will not look the same. In fact, you will often have a high negativity score in a quadrant where you have low brain preferences.

    For example, you may have low brain preferences for detail, organisation and structure (the L2 quadrant). When working in an environment where these processes receive strong emphasis, you may experience high negativity towards these processes, and therefore have a high negativity score in this quadrant.

  • The NBI® General Adult instrument offers insight into the way you prefer to think, and increases your awareness of and sensitivity to, the thinking preferences of others.

    Understanding your thinking profile will enable you to develop better relationships, make more dynamic contributions in a team context, and make sound and relevant decisions. It will also put you in a position to make more accurate job and career choices, and to determine the correct subject or field of study for you academic life, leading to a more productive and fulfilling personal and professional life.