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2019 NBI Practitioner Training: 22 – 24 May, 24 – 26 July, 25 – 27 September

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The Whole-brain Practitioner Training Course focuses on understanding and applying the NBI®. The training is very practical and after completing the course, the participants are able to administer the various instruments, as well as give guidance to children and adults.

Understanding a person’s thinking preferences will lead to a more successful interpersonal interaction in organisations and is of crucial importance in many areas, such as strategic planning and marketing.
The aim of the Whole Brain Practitioner Training programme is to give the individual the right to use the Whole Brain Instruments and give the necessary feedback, consultation and support.

The course offers an in depth look into the different quadrants of the brain, and teaches the techniques and skills necessary to consult others and analyse their thinking preferences.

Being a practitioner means the freedom to administer the profiles to individuals, teams, classrooms or groups, as and when you like. It also gives you the qualification to effectively run the debrief session yourself – with our support should you need it.

If you are an independent consultant or trainer, the brain profile is a fantastic addition to your product offering. The self-awareness the team gains from doing the profile is a great warm-up for any type of training or intervention. It also allows you an opportunity to tailor the session according to the profiles of the people in the room. It is an excellent opportunity to generate additional income.

As a coach the brain profile is a great way to start a conversation. By knowing their natural thinking preferences, individuals have a better understanding of why they struggle and what they are attracted to. As a coach, it will help you to make an impact by speaking their language.

The course offers an in-depth look into the different quadrants of the brain, and teaches the techniques and skills necessary to consult others and analyse their thinking preferences.

The cost of the training includes:

  • all meals
  • training material
  • the licensing certificate
  • NBI Wholebrain training mat
  • your own Internet administration site to conduct and administer profiles
  • your first 10 profiles
  • future support and updates

You will buy profiles from Solutionsfinding at a nominal fee. You will receive your own administration site on the Internet from where you can assign clients, draw their profiles, draw group profiles, draw related jobs, and do skills and negativity profiles. Practitioners provide their clients with a username and password to log on to the site and complete the questionnaires online.

Once clients have completed their profiles, you as a practitioner can draw their reports and either e-mail, fax or deliver them to the clients. All the personalised reports can be packaged in a folder along with a whole-brain information book. These folders and booklets can be ordered from Solutionsfinding.

All the NBI® instruments are available in both computer-based and paper-based formats.