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Creativity Conference

We are looking forward to ACRE 20: the theme for this year is “Celebrating 20 years of Magic.”

Manage your thinking:

Our thinking is the essence of who we are. It is therefore important to identify our way of thinking, to identify any forms of negative or closed thinking in order to change our thinking – and in so doing to change our strategies/business/futures/ our lives.

Once we allow below the line (constant negative) thinking to take hold in our lives, our thinking becomes conditioned and boxed in. We begin to respond in this conditioned way towards specific experiences, people, ideas and change – until the process intensifies and we think and act negatively towards everything. Below the line thinking makes us defensive, full of resentment and irrational. By thinking (and therefore living!) below the line we lock in our power and energy instead of setting it free in order to reach our full potential and to fly.

The above the line thinker knows:

  • Thinking does not depend on your circumstances – it is your choice.
  • Blaming others and your circumstances for your discontent, is giving up your freedom of choice, it is being controlled instead of being in control.
  • Thinking can be changed.
  • Below the line thinking and creativity do not go together.
  • Negativity is a learnt habit and the cycle can be broken.
  • It is possible to think and live above the line for most of the time.

To develop into a creative PERSON we need to take responsibility for our thinking.

Dr Kobus Neethling

Written by: Hannes van Rensburg