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2019 NBI Practitioner Training: 22 – 24 May, 24 – 26 July, 25 – 27 September

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In my 40 years of innovation work in most of the Fortune 100 Companies, I have never come across anyone who can put theory into practice like Kobus Neethling.

Dr Sid Parnes, Creator of the Creative Problem Solving Model and author of numerous international bestsellers

Kobus Neethling has demonstrated the most thorough scholarship in creativity that I have been able to witness in my years of teaching.

Dr Mary Frasier, past President of the American Creativity Association

My two daughters of 9 and 10 years have now won the Absa Bank trophy for best junior entrepreneur in South Africa two years in succession. This is the first time that this has ever happened. We owe it all to the positive influence that Kobus Neethling has had on our family through his books, TV programmes, articles and radio programmes – we are continuously being enriched by the creativity contributions of Kobus Neethling.

Lizette Booyens

This was the best training we have ever received. The results were immediate. The focus was on finding solutions and to move away from a problem-oriented organisation and this worked for us. Our profits went way above our expectations, there is an aliveness among our employees and the clients are now more positive towards us than ever before. We now have the policy that every employee must attend the Kobus Neethling Creativity Training Programmes. An in-depth audit of our company showed very clearly that the positive turning point for our company came immediately after our senior management team returned from their first Kobus Neethling Whole Brain Training Course.

Shaun O’Keeffe, Director: O’Keeffe & Swartz, a tele-marketing company

We were so inspired by the training we received from Kobus Neethling and his colleagues that we eventually sent more than 200 of our managers to be trained. This training did not only increase our ability to think and do creatively but had a positive effect on relationships, customer care and the general climate in our company. I believe that Kobus Neethling’s Whole Brain Approach opens up the mind in a way that no other training does.

Gustav Pistorius, Senior Manager: Foskor, a large phosphate company

I was asked by the Canadian owners of a South African platinum company if I would try to change a mine which had been showing losses for 18 months, into a profitable business. I did it at one mine and so even coming out of retirement, I believed I could do it again. I contacted Kobus Neethling and we started to implement the Kobus Neethling creativity programmes immediately. Once again the miracle happened and a mine which no one believed was a viable proposition started to make a profit after four months after I took over and now 12 months later the profits and miracle continue.

Clem Sweet, General Manager Barplats mine

We started production on this mine 50 years ago. During the past 3 years we were able to equal the production of the previous 47 years. This miracle was due to 2 factors: new technology and the introduction of the Kobus Neethling Creativity Programmes. The employees were more able find creative solutions. They started a spontaneous anti-negativity campaign and the production hours per person increased dramatically. The managers on the mine initiated additional creativity programmes to sustain creativity at all levels – the whole brain spouses programme and the creativity course for teachers on the mine were of critical importance.

Clem Sweet, General Manager: Anglo Platinum Swartkop mine

It was not long after implementing the Kobus Neethling Whole Brain Programmes when we started to experience positive results on many fronts. Our sales people were able the communicate remarkably better with our clients; we all understood the needs of our clients so much clearer and the ability to use our whole brain in problem solving changed everything for us. Six months after implementing the KN programme our profits rose by 54 percent.

Marinda le Roux, Regional Manager: Avroy Shlain, large cosmetics company