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2019 NBI Practitioner Training: 22 – 24 May, 24 – 26 July, 25 – 27 September

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Creativity Conference

We are looking forward to ACRE 20: the theme for this year is “Celebrating 20 years of Magic.” Manage your thinking: Our thinking is the essence of who we are. It is therefore important to identify our way of thinking, to identify any forms of negative or closed thinking in order to change our thinking [...]

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The Future of Innovation

The Future Of Innovation Will Have To Be ‘heart And Mind’ – Or Nothing At All The future of innovation is in its essence a journey which needs to begin as much in the heart as in the mind. In my work in more than 30 countries and which spans two decades I have witnessed [...]

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Are company values important?

Succeed Spotlight How to design company values that motivate staff. Today a set of company values has become like the human appendix – we all have one but we’re not exactly sure what it is for. While many companies have a set of values, their employees often do not know what they are, or what [...]

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Hugh O’Donnell, Managing Director: Sasol UK Ltd

Everyone in my company must experience the unique training of Kobus Neethling and his team. This kind of creativity experience creates a special kind of understanding of the customer’s needs and how to respond to those needs.

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